Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Faster than a speeding bullet"

Everything changes so quickly.  Possibly the most used phrase in the English language.  So quickly in fact I didn't even have a chance to snap one last picture of the robins all grown up and ready to fly the coop.  The momma built her nest on a ledge in a well traveled shed in the kitchen garden.  Despite the fact that we were always peeking in the nest and coming and going she must have felt we were not a threat.  They went from egg to flying teenagers in two weeks!  Also the duck family I may have mentioned a while back went from 10 babies to 2 remaining preadolescents.  It seems like maybe momma duck took about 5 babies with her to some hidden place after half the flock was eaten and she recently returned with the two that I think will make it.  I love watching them.  I am pretty sure she is teaching them how to be ducks.  How to dive down, how to groom, etc.  Fun times on animal planet.

On another note of things changing so quickly.  Time is flying!  My mom expressed concern or curiosity about how an extrovert like me would do in what could seem like a very quiet and serious place.  Au contraire, I seem to be doing just fine at keeping every spare minute booked and having a grand ol' time during my scheduled life to boot.  I probably leave campus more often than most people but it's easy to do when there are often visitors in town, family to see and lifelong friends close by.  Plus I am a planner, a hostess, and usually high energy.  I get going and it's hard to slow down.  I am pretty sure that going to do a practice period at Tassajara is the only way I will slow down.  That's why I am resisting it ;-)  I don't have to go yet so I won't.  I have a husband who has his own challenges taking it down a notch every so often but his usually revolves around work and studying, not so much in the social realm.  So together we practice.  Together we learn.  Together we seek the balance.  And of course try not to take it all so seriously.

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