Saturday, July 14, 2012

Farmers Market and the Side Hustle

Farmers market!! Garden apprentices get to go to the market at San Francisco's Ferry Plaza once a season, otherwise, Danny, the man of the garden, goes regularly.  It is so fun!  We get there at 6am to set up.  The garden has a table and the farm has two tables and a wall of boxed produce to stock up.  You will notice above 12 unique flower arrangements, 6 sweet pea bouquets (smells like heaven), 2 rose bundles, a shit ton of herbs like rose geranium and anise hyssop, a handmade lavender wreath and boucoup lavender sachets and bundles.  Emila, the farm elder, 60 years old and the fastest lettuce harvester this side of the rockies, has been coming to this market for 20+ years and knows everyone.  So throughout the day we traded produce for Blue Bottle Coffee, pastries and amazing pork sandwiches.  (cue belly rub)

Side hustle!  Some of you may know that Austin and I had our first paid gardening gig last weekend.  We worked on our day off but it didn't feel like work and we had fun doing it together.  Long story short, an old artist friend of our friend Reirin needed some enthusiastic and creative types to get her garden into some sort of shape.  Her only instructions were fill it with different colors, textures and smells, some edible and leave her with a simple maintenance routine.  We planted lettuces, greens, tomatoes, basil, pineapple sage, snapdragons, sunflowers, cosmos, rosemary, lavender, thyme, and oregano.  We did some other fix it things.  I have not heard an update yet.  I really hope she watered and that things are surviving...I'm left with a little anxiety.  I am a little worried because I fell victim to planting all of the things I am familiar with but are not necessarily perfectly suited for the hotter climate.   Overall I think everything is ok but the lettuces might be getting a bit hot.  We'll see :-)

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