Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dito-Keith Adventures

A few weeks ago the Dito family reunited to celebrate the wedding of my cousin Jennie.  As Austin said, it was so fun it was like being at our own wedding.  It was up in the Woodside hills outside Palio Alto, home to Stanford University and many large shopping malls.  The ceremony and reception were both held on the grounds of an open space preserve where the groom's sister is the caretaker for the house.  It was simple, laid back, full of love, some ancient tensions were disspelled, cousins reconnected and there was a hella lotta dancing!  The night finished out with some rides on a golf cart and late night pizza.  Just to make the weekend a little sweeter, the brothers Dito were both in town and Brian, the youngest, made a little visit out to the farm.  He had some lunch, put in a few hours cropping lavender and weeding, visited Muir Beach and then we went into Mill Valley, ate way too much food, drank a few beers and had a good catch up session.

Last weekend was also jam packed, after a week having a particularly rough cold I was back in action.  Austin and I went to visit with some out of towners in San Francisco. We did some book shopping at the famous City Lights book store in North Beach then we did as the tourists do and went to the Haight Ashbury Street Festival which actually turned out to be pretty fun.  Taking the buses around SF took me back to the days when I lived in the Sunset, it was nice to be there.  Austin and I finished out the day by heading back to North Beach, setting up shop in a cafe, reading our new books (mostly about the environment, eating animals, etc), and discussing the issues over coffee.  And finally we ate at this small, packed, old school Chinese restaurant recommended by a local cop that was almost too authentic for my American palate.

In case you're wondering, just because we live a semi-monastic lifestyle does not mean that we're always relaxed, quiet or meditating.  It seems our weekends are just as busy and social as ever before, maybe more.  Can't stop til ya get enough!

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